Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sao Nam

Starter of Starters. You know you should just order a mixture of everything when you can't decide!
Fresh spring rolls, beef la lot, deep-fried spring rolls and shrimp on sugercane. Perfect starter! You get the refreshing bit and then the savoury bit. If you have a party of 3 you can also opt for a portion for 3 instead of 2. RM36 for it. 

We wanted to get the famous mangosteen and prawn salad. I mean even thinking of the combination makes me feel like eating it already. Unfortunately the item is seasonal and they do not have it so we got the pomelo salad instead. Pomelo salad is seasonal too, and it is very good! So refreshing and sweet!! RM32, not that bad considering the amount of prawns.

Vietnamese crispy pancake. Woah it was my first time trying and I like! RM32, tad bit overpriced?!

Minced chicken, prawns, mushrooms and beansprouts on a very thin, crispy pancake... Must eat before the pancake turns soggy!

Of course one should not ever leave without a bowl of Pho! It could have been better if the bowl of pho is served hot instead of lukewarm! Standard, RM18.80.

Overall it is slightly pricey but it's definitely worth a go if you're craving for Viet food! Don't get the cocktails though... It's really mild and almost tasteless. The coconut cocktail is the worst selection ever, it tasted like cough med. No joke!

Sao Nam
25 Tengkat Tong Shin
Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Serdang Sister Lam Yong Tau Foo

This wonderful Hakka Yong Tau Foo is closing end of this month (31st March 15)! Not because of whatever GST crap, but for personal reasons. It has been around for decades... from their house to a shoplot!

It costs RM1.40 per piece, RM 5 for the soup of the day (medium-sized). 

There goes another authentic Hakka YTF place.. :( Well just go for it if you're around the area (or even if you're not!), 5 days and that's it! Must try their fishcakes.. It is possible to takeaway and keep them in the freezer too! :)

P/S: You know it's good when people are willing to travel all the way to this secluded place and paying RM1.40 per piece for it!

Serdang Sister Lam Yong Tau Foo
65 Jalan PSK 2,
Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan
43300 Seri Kembangan

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bill's Restaurant

Love my dose of English Breakfast @ Bill's! It is normally really busy during weekends so be there early to secure your spot!

Though I'm not a fan of their overly crusted rye bread!

Bill's Richmond
1-3 Hill Rise,
TW10 6UQ London
United Kingdom
020 8948 0768

Monday, March 2, 2015

Charlie Brown Cafe

Because this is too cute. 

Other than the cuteness everything is just normal. Though, I have to say cuteness is an excellent strategy!

Charlie Brown Cafe
Cineleisure Orchard #04-01
Singapore 449874