Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bayu Restaurant

I have been searching online for Bayu Restaurant's menu but could not find it anywhere online. To help you decide on food, here's the full menu for Alunan Boutique Resort's restaurant.

The Mee Mamak was surprisingly good.. I mean, I've had food at some other parts of the island and they tasted pretty normal (crappy actually). 

The staffs were all so accommodating and friendly! We sighed heavily when there were no coconuts in stock and guess what.... The waiter sent his friend to get it FRESH FROM THE TREE!!!!!!

Lunch with a view!

Stir-fry veggie, slightly raw for some reason :(

Lemongrass chicken with coconut sauce - something different :)

Signature butter garlic dish! If you're not a fish person you may opt for prawn or chicken. This is that one dish you'll have to try!

To be honest, food on small islands like that are usually nothing near good, so long as it's edible. I'm incredibly amazed that the food over here are quite good! There's no need to travel to the other side of the island for food... Others might come into this little quaint resort just for food! Also, the prices are reasonable compared to some other restaurants around the island! Not to mention, their staffs were really friendly and accommodating to our many requests, from warm water to slices of lime. 

It would've been much more fun if there are more selections of alcoholic beverages! Hopefully it is possible! A glass of wine would be great! :)

Bayu Restaurant
Alunan Boutique Resort
Pulau Perhentian Kecil

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Viroth's Restaurant

 Khmer grilled pork.. I prefer Malaysian satay!

 Banana blossom salad... It's a must in Cambodia! It's mild and refreshing...

 Fish amok. I prefer the amok at The Sugar Palm - it's soft and fluffy compared to this version. but I believe this looks more common in Cambodia. Either or both are delish and it goes so well with rice!!

Four dishes, one rice, two glasses of cocktails, one dessert, two happy girls :)

Pumpkin custard - something really unique.. The white stuff in the middle is made from coconut milk (or cream?). That perfect dish to end our dinner! 

It's no five star fancy restaurant but it's considered as one in Siem Reap... The atmosphere is beautiful and the price is reasonable - about 17usd per person for so many dishes and also a glass of cocktail each! This is really important - please remember to bring mosquito repellent!! 

Viroth's Restaurant
99 Wat Bo Street,
Siem Reap
+855 12 826 346

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Johnny Rockets

Omg. Such a letdown seriously!! I can't understand why people are all hyped up for this place?! The bun is extremely stale and dry (not to mention, cold... I believe it has been left out in room temperature for a while!)

It is just no where near Shake Shack's quality... Oh wait... I feel bad for even comparing. Shake Shack's bun is super soft and fluffy... No such thing as rock cold!

I just wouldn't go back again... Honestly, I'd rather go for Maccas burgers! 

Actually, when in Malaysia, just go for Ramli burger. It's cheap and yummy compared to all these chained gourmet style shops who think they can actually make burgers.

Johnny Rockets Avenue K