Thursday, April 16, 2015

Viroth's Restaurant

 Khmer grilled pork.. I prefer Malaysian satay!

 Banana blossom salad... It's a must in Cambodia! It's mild and refreshing...

 Fish amok. I prefer the amok at The Sugar Palm - it's soft and fluffy compared to this version. but I believe this looks more common in Cambodia. Either or both are delish and it goes so well with rice!!

Four dishes, one rice, two glasses of cocktails, one dessert, two happy girls :)

Pumpkin custard - something really unique.. The white stuff in the middle is made from coconut milk (or cream?). That perfect dish to end our dinner! 

It's no five star fancy restaurant but it's considered as one in Siem Reap... The atmosphere is beautiful and the price is reasonable - about 17usd per person for so many dishes and also a glass of cocktail each! This is really important - please remember to bring mosquito repellent!! 

Viroth's Restaurant
99 Wat Bo Street,
Siem Reap
+855 12 826 346

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