Monday, May 25, 2015

Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU

I didn't even know the existence of this Jap restaurant in Avenue ...

They have quite a number of selections; yakitori, noodles, rice, etc. Those bamboo shoots on the noodle are really stinky... Eww!!

Overall I would say it's "just another jap restaurant". Not particularly impressive, not bad either.
P/S: I would rather have their noodles than rice. :)

Nothing that I specifically like from the food we've ordered. But there are two things which I have to pinpoint. 
  1. The furniture's colour (mostly dark coloured), attracts mosquitoes and they do not have anything, say maybe a plant or anything that could help with the problem. It is a problem, you wouldn't want your customers to dine in hell, right?
  2. Service is almost non-existent. Every time I needed something I would have to WALK all the way to the counter. So, what's wrong with that? We will then be charged service or whatever crap taxes/fees for people to hide behind the counter, playing with their cellphones. They can't even be bothered to come over to check out if we need anything. I think I've walked over to the counter for at least 5 times for the entire dinner. It would probably be more logical to set a numbering system where I can just collect my food from the counter. What is the point of table service again?

Tsukemen & Izakaya IEYASU
Avenue K Level 3
50450 Kuala Lumpur

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