Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jin Ok Hwa Original Chicken 진옥화할매원조닭한마리

This so-called famous place is extremely overrated!

They are famous for their chicken dish. 

What annoyed me was that they did not allow us to add noodles until we are midway through. Apparently it will "affect" their food quality. WHAT???

It is my choice however I want to eat it! I've tried their method previously and I don't find it anything special and I wanted to do it my way. Sadly, they refused to serve us the noodles till when they think it should be served. Also, it is a one-time order. They will not add anymore. 

SERIOUSLY?  It is just chicken soup with MSG (and SO MUCH of it too)! I don't quite fancy it. Kimchi and water can be refilled; you've just got to do it yourself. The kimchi is awful beyond words, even pre-packed kimchi from the supermarket rack tasted way better. What fermentation cabbage, it is barely even fermented at all. If it wasn't for chopped garlic, this entire dish is plain bland. I really cannot comprehend the hype over this boring pot of chicken soup.

Jin Ok Hwa Original Chicken 
265-22 Jongno 5-ga
Jongno-gu Seoul
South Korea

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