Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Elephant

 Green Aroma. I've ordered because it looks pretty. I'm so easily tempted by beautiful things! I have to say it is good though... refreshing!

 Tom yum soup and rice from their set menu. If I'm not wrong it is only about RM12-13 for one set. It is pretty reasonable! I've requested extra spicy on that and they accommodated to my request! So spicy I could barely feel my tongue. Not sure if it's spicy or I'm useless.

 Green curry beef - a very generous portion for two. 

 Tod mun plaaa. Must order in any Thai restaurants!

Paku pakis.

Overall I really like the food, all of it! The flavours and spices, especially coriander and lemongrass. Some restaurants can be really stingy, it is all these herbs that spices up the flavours of the dishes... The only downside for me is that they do not serve pork. I am craving for some of those Thai grilled pork.. On a brighter side, Muslim patrons do not have to worry - it is pork free! There are a few outlets around Klang Valley so you might want to do a quick search for the nearest branch. 

My Elephant
B14-1 One Ampang Avenue,
Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2
Taman Ampang Utama
68000 Ampang
016 631 9955

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