Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Crack Pork

Their menu is pretty simple and straightforward. Everything is all about pork! I've had difficulties ordering so I've ordered almost everything from the menu. :O What makes it better is you can even get coffee to kick start your day!

Garam Haram (RM15) available for purchase. It's a really tiny bottle, but super flavourful salt!

The Porchetta (RM13), 100 grams just to try the salsa verde. If you love coriander you have to get this!

Porchetta with honey mustard dip. Nothing special, it's just mustard.

Siu yuk (RM10 per 100 grams) with pear sauce and honey mustard. The siu yuk was tad bit dry, I don't quite fancy it. The pear is something different, but I can't grasp the combination of pork and pear sauce.

Though the siu yuk was rather dry but it tasted fine in the Siuyuk Sandwich (RM15). It may also be the inconsistency of the pork fats. Being a coriander lover, I had to add coriander and chilli padi into it. So spicy can die! I love it how they served the sandwich with crisps. It's so British!

But then again, I had to get a close up because it was really that good. Highly recommended! Might try the Porchetta Sandwich next time!

The Peking Pork (RM12) was my least favourite of all. It is an interesting combination but lack of meat in it and it was rather dry. 

I would definitely be back for some Porchetta! I can get siuyuk practically anywhere in KL, but Porchetta is not really that common! Also, this place is really small so be prepared to queue. The shop size is only half of a shop lot that could only fit about 5 tables. Even though it is small, the service is rather slow. Don't get me wrong, the people are very friendly. It took them a while to get the table cleared for the next customer. Overall I really like their concept! 

May the pork be with you!! :)

Crack Pork
59G The Strand
Jalan PJU 5/21
Petaling Jaya
47810 Selangor

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lou Shang Bar & Cafe

 Decided to pop by this new place in Uptown. I had absolutely no idea what are the type of food and drinks they serve. After going through the menu, I've concluded that they serve pretty much fusion style drinks and food. They are really creative with names; "Why You Kopi Me?" caught my attention.

 Why You Kopi Me? (RM30). If you love coffee this is definitely a must!

 Kok Kok Kaaaiii (RM16) - omg what a name! Seems a little way too interesting, don't think one can forget! "Oh hey, one kok kok kaiiii please".

 High On Fries (RM14) - It's a combo between savoury and sweet as they serve salted caramel as a dip. I don't quite fancy that sort of combo... It is a little too adventurous for me. Actually, for those of you who are looking for something different you should really try this combo, who knows! Also, there is something called "I Have A Date With Bacon" (RM14), which I would probably try the next round. So clever in luring bacon lovers!

 Bonsai Kitten (RM28), served in a cute little kitty mug :)

 Canto-Pop Style (RM8.90), combination of charsiu, pickled apple, cabbage slaw and kewpie mayo.

 K-Pop Style (RM8.90), combination of bulgogi, kimchi, and mayo.

Boozy Ice Cream Sandwiches (RM16). It's an interesting combination, with booze flavoured ice cream, but really it is not much of a difference after a couple of drinks.

I like the concept of the bar, the cocktails are quite good. The food comes with a hint of Asian and Western flavours, with finger food perfect for bars. I would definitely pop by to try other cocktails, as I can't really get that coffee flavoured cocktail out of my head now. My only disappointment so far is the ice cream sandwiches as compared to the one seen in EatDrinkKL's. I believe they can manage the consistency and generosity for their ice cream.

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Lou Shang Bar & Cafe
10M Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor

Monday, August 17, 2015

Milligram Cafe & Eatery

This has got to be my new favourite neighbourhood cafe! They serve Green Tea Latte (RM10)! How rare...

The sandwich is freshly made, you know it's right when the bread is nicely toasted and the meat is still lukewarm! We had slight complications with the bread but the lady (presumably the owner or the manager) resolved it really quickly. She was so apologetic about it (and I felt quite bad as I did not want anything in return) and insisted to give us a slice of lemon cake as compensation. Don't get me wrong, this has nothing to do with the taste, this Pork Bacon Sandwich (RM16) is highly recommended!

Never would I have thought that the Chicken Chop (RM17) would turn out to be so good! I was just expecting mediocre quality, like typical ones you get at the mamak stalls where you would have to rely on sauces because it is too dry. But nooooo... The meat is so succulent! I don't even need the brown sauce at the side to do justice.. I actually love it without the sauce!

Brunch was absolutely fantastic I had to get myself a slice of cake after.

I've gotten us a slice of Jasmine Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake (RM13), as I do not really fancy chocolate based cakes (apart from Red Velvet!). I really love this cake, it is not sweet at all, which suits me well. It has really strong combination of both green tea and jasmine flavours. You tea lover might love it!

I will definitely be back again for brunch, their food is really worth paying for. Their selection of cakes are great plus the service is excellent. What else can you ask for from a neighbourhood cafe?! 

Milligram Cafe & Eatery
No 8 Jalan SS 26/4,
Taman Mayang
Petaling Jaya
46000 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11pm
Milligram on Facebook

Saturday, August 15, 2015

7th Mile Kitchen

Sarawak kolomee is like in between hakka noodle and wantan mee!

Can't believe I've never tried Sarawak Laksa before. It's like prawn mee with a hint of curry flavour.

This place serves pretty good street food and it's reasonable too. Also, it is considered quite clean compared to the usual coffeeshops. Not a bad place!

It can be quite packed so be prepared to queue! I've never been to Sarawak but I believe if you're from Sarawak and you're craving for some local delights you know where to get those noodles now :)

7th Mile Kitchen
RG 24, Pangsapuri Kelana Sentral
Petaling Jaya
47301 Selangor

7th Mile Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches

I personally did not really enjoy my ribs experience in this shop. The ultimate mistake is to cut those ribs... Who would actually slice those ribs up?!?!?!? That itself took half of my enthusiasm away... Secondly, they were not perfectly chargrilled. Thirdly, I was rather confused with their spicy and non-spicy, there is almost no variation between both? RM38 for a full slab, one tiny bucket of 6 in the picture, in which I do not find it justifiable. However, kudos to the tenderness of the meat.

The salad is really simple with ready made sauce in packets. Of course they have other stuff in the menu; sandwiches, rice, extras. I mean it is a great combination of local flavours and western, a really great concept but their signature ribs is really not my kind of thing.

No 5, Jalan 21/11A 
Sea Park, Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

凪 Noodle Bar 歌舞伎町店

This little bar has really limited seats - don't bother holding a gathering!

Only in Japan, you can't really go wrong with any noodle bar. :)

凪 Noodle Bar 歌舞伎町店
Shinjuku Tokyo

Monday, August 10, 2015

Koya Bar こやバー

So sad Koya is no longer available in London, but fret not there is still Koya Bar to feed your cravings!! They serve really limited items, I don't see their awesome pork belly in the menu but just ask them.

First time trying despite the countless visits to Koya. The cold udon with cold broth. Yes their udon is just as good as Koya's! Could've expected from their subsidiary:)

I've always got myself the usual hot koya pork and miso with additional onsen tamago (IT IS A MUST TO GET THE ONSEN TAMAGO). The noodle is still great, still having the wow factor like I'm having noodles in Japan, but the soup is rather tasteless. That was the only difference I've noticed. Now, I prefer the cold one then! The cold udon is super flavourful!

These were awesome snacks by the original Koya, sadly not available anymore. Their grilled and deep-fried tempura carrots served with sea salt is probably the best carrot I've ever tasted! It's crunchy on the outside and soft inside! If I had to start a hashtag for it, #carrotgasm.

And their sliced duck with mustard sauce. So nicely done! *only available in the original Koya

Overall, Koya Bar is still able to satisfy my cravings for udon (still the best udon in London!). As for small dishes, you should ask for the daily specials as you may not see it in the menu. The ambience of this bar reminds me of Japan, small and quaint, where you'd just grab a bowl of noodle and leave after. I'm actually quite surprised it was half empty at 6ish on a Saturday... Those days I had to queue 45 minutes even at 6pm (the original Koya), on a weekday! Madness!

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Koya Bar こやバー
50 Frith Street
W1D 4SQ London
United Kingdom
*It is located right next to the old Koya

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Second Sunday

 Number five. RM18. Chicken breast, cheese, pineapple and mushrooms all stuffed in that tortilla. Served with cheese fries and pasta (I don't know why but I'd rather have greens than pasta salad... Carb overload!). Very clever to have cheese - makes everything taste good!

 Sunday's mancake. RM19. The combination of sweet and savoury is just brilliant. Who would have ever thought that beef bacon would go so well with pancakes?! 

 Local penkek. RM17. The reason I came to try - I'm a fan of pandan! Caramelised banana served on pandan pancakes. Gula Melaka on the side.

Though I would have to say this was my least favourite of all. The colour itself is such a turn off - that green. I've seen pictures online but the green did not look like what I see in pictures. Look at the one posted by EatDrinkKL, it certainly did not look like it. Too much fine tuning or the version served to them is different. I'm really not too sure, the green is way too artificial. As for the flavours it wasn't too bad, but just tad bit sweet. I prefer the mancakes over this one!

Overall: Satisfied. I wouldn't mind trying other stuff in the menu, maybe next time. Sunday's mancake is a MUST! This cafe is pretty busy, go earlier to secure your table!

Second Sunday
31, Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor

Second Sunday Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Paris Baguette

The infamous South Korean chain, Paris Baguette. Ever since I've tried their custard pudding, I've always wanted more! 

The original one is better than the flavoured ones (at least to me!). I've tried it in Singapore and New York. Fortunately, Paris Baguette is opening in Malaysia real soon! Can't wait for it!

Their mushroom soup is also to die for! Very thick and creamy served in a bread!

Paris Baguette
Changi Airport
*Available in Korea, US, Singapore, China, Vietnam, and many more

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Just another bar cafe in Pavilion..

Pretty decent place for dinner but not the ideal place for dates.

I'd probably come to this place for a quick drink or two. Could do a plate of snack if you're feeling hungry. 

The happy hour promo changes from time to time, though not particularly impressive with the selections. I do check from time to time, most happy hour sessions applies to beer only. It would be nice if their promo applies to cocktails :)

Pavilion KL

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Korean version of pan mee. Except that it is lacking of flavours and ingredients. It is a whole bowl os starchy flour noodle. The soup dries up ultimately fast too as there are just way too much noodles in the bowl, absorbing the soup.

The portion is so huge it can actually fill up to 2-3 pax! I just find it really boring, first it's the flavours, second it is really lack of ingredients. There is no meat in it, it would be nice to at least include a generous portion of vegetables in it. The entire bowl being too starchy and lack of ingredients make it so difficult to me to even finish 1/3 of it. It's not even spicy, the soup is just plain bland either chicken stock or anchovy based soup. 

I really cannot bring myself to savour another bowl of it unless they are willing to balance the portion of noodles and ingredients. Even better still if they could improve on the soup base.

4104 163rd Street
11358 NY
United States