Saturday, August 1, 2015


Korean version of pan mee. Except that it is lacking of flavours and ingredients. It is a whole bowl os starchy flour noodle. The soup dries up ultimately fast too as there are just way too much noodles in the bowl, absorbing the soup.

The portion is so huge it can actually fill up to 2-3 pax! I just find it really boring, first it's the flavours, second it is really lack of ingredients. There is no meat in it, it would be nice to at least include a generous portion of vegetables in it. The entire bowl being too starchy and lack of ingredients make it so difficult to me to even finish 1/3 of it. It's not even spicy, the soup is just plain bland either chicken stock or anchovy based soup. 

I really cannot bring myself to savour another bowl of it unless they are willing to balance the portion of noodles and ingredients. Even better still if they could improve on the soup base.

4104 163rd Street
11358 NY
United States

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