Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Crack Pork

Their menu is pretty simple and straightforward. Everything is all about pork! I've had difficulties ordering so I've ordered almost everything from the menu. :O What makes it better is you can even get coffee to kick start your day!

Garam Haram (RM15) available for purchase. It's a really tiny bottle, but super flavourful salt!

The Porchetta (RM13), 100 grams just to try the salsa verde. If you love coriander you have to get this!

Porchetta with honey mustard dip. Nothing special, it's just mustard.

Siu yuk (RM10 per 100 grams) with pear sauce and honey mustard. The siu yuk was tad bit dry, I don't quite fancy it. The pear is something different, but I can't grasp the combination of pork and pear sauce.

Though the siu yuk was rather dry but it tasted fine in the Siuyuk Sandwich (RM15). It may also be the inconsistency of the pork fats. Being a coriander lover, I had to add coriander and chilli padi into it. So spicy can die! I love it how they served the sandwich with crisps. It's so British!

But then again, I had to get a close up because it was really that good. Highly recommended! Might try the Porchetta Sandwich next time!

The Peking Pork (RM12) was my least favourite of all. It is an interesting combination but lack of meat in it and it was rather dry. 

I would definitely be back for some Porchetta! I can get siuyuk practically anywhere in KL, but Porchetta is not really that common! Also, this place is really small so be prepared to queue. The shop size is only half of a shop lot that could only fit about 5 tables. Even though it is small, the service is rather slow. Don't get me wrong, the people are very friendly. It took them a while to get the table cleared for the next customer. Overall I really like their concept! 

May the pork be with you!! :)

Crack Pork
59G The Strand
Jalan PJU 5/21
Petaling Jaya
47810 Selangor

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