Monday, August 10, 2015

Koya Bar こやバー

So sad Koya is no longer available in London, but fret not there is still Koya Bar to feed your cravings!! They serve really limited items, I don't see their awesome pork belly in the menu but just ask them.

First time trying despite the countless visits to Koya. The cold udon with cold broth. Yes their udon is just as good as Koya's! Could've expected from their subsidiary:)

I've always got myself the usual hot koya pork and miso with additional onsen tamago (IT IS A MUST TO GET THE ONSEN TAMAGO). The noodle is still great, still having the wow factor like I'm having noodles in Japan, but the soup is rather tasteless. That was the only difference I've noticed. Now, I prefer the cold one then! The cold udon is super flavourful!

These were awesome snacks by the original Koya, sadly not available anymore. Their grilled and deep-fried tempura carrots served with sea salt is probably the best carrot I've ever tasted! It's crunchy on the outside and soft inside! If I had to start a hashtag for it, #carrotgasm.

And their sliced duck with mustard sauce. So nicely done! *only available in the original Koya

Overall, Koya Bar is still able to satisfy my cravings for udon (still the best udon in London!). As for small dishes, you should ask for the daily specials as you may not see it in the menu. The ambience of this bar reminds me of Japan, small and quaint, where you'd just grab a bowl of noodle and leave after. I'm actually quite surprised it was half empty at 6ish on a Saturday... Those days I had to queue 45 minutes even at 6pm (the original Koya), on a weekday! Madness!

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Koya Bar こやバー
50 Frith Street
W1D 4SQ London
United Kingdom
*It is located right next to the old Koya

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