Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mama San

Lamb Martabak (RM32)

Crispy Sotong (RM32) 

 Chicken & Pomelo Salad (RM28)

 Nyonya Seafood (RM38)

 Butter Chicken (RM45)

 Crispy Whole Fish (RM54)

Wood roasted Balinese Style Barramundi (RM55) came with a bowl of Kangkung but the waiter did not even brief us about it when we were contemplating whether to order a plate of vegetables or not. 

We ended up ordering a plate of vegetables as we did not know it came with it.

 Wood roasted Balinese style barramundi wrapped in banana leaf sambal matah & kangkung plecing. Pretty much like Otak-Otak.

 Durian Pannacotta (RM20)

 Nutella pak boi buns with vanilla ice cream and Kintamani espresso (RM18). Chocolate lovers, it is a MUST order!

Very generous portion of Nutella!!

“Kampung snicker” peanut butter parfait with butterscotch & chocolate coated peanut (RM18). It is super strong in Snicker except it is not as sweet as the chocolate bar itself!

I personally find their food tasty in general. Their varieties are absolutely fantastic, a mixture of South East Asian flavours. 

The downside is the rocket high prices, I kid you not. I don't mind paying for the food, just not their sides like rice or water. I mean hello, what kind of skills are required to cook the rice and serve water?????? RM8 for a bowl of rice is just ridiculous. They used to serve ice water but not anymore. I don't even know why they had to rip this off. We as customers are already paying crazy prices for their food and we are now forced to buy bottled Italian Naturalle. I did not even realise that the bottle costs RM17! What nonsense. 

To add on to it, service is pretty slow and waiters are not properly educated with their menus, not able to advise people on their orders. Seriously, if they are already charging those sort of crazy prices, at least spend some bucks to train their waiters to be more professional! 

Online booking system is crap too - I've booked my table online and the person in charge could not locate my booking. So apparently I'm not supposed to book my table on that day itself. If that is so, please amend your system and prompt that message for me to see on my computer screen, not when I am right at Mama San holding my phone with the email booking confirmation and code. Initially he did not want to give us a table and said it would be full. In the end, we got the table still, thank you very much, but it was not even half full from the time we dined (12pm) till 1pm. I really don't know, their entire system is just messed up. 

Hopefully they would improve as I don't think I will revisit with such ridiculous pricing alongside with crappy services. Forcing customers to purchase bottled water is like mocking their rights to have water. Expectations are inevitable, as we are not merely paying for street food.

Mama San KLCC
Suria KLCC

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