Friday, September 4, 2015

Von's Jar Noodle: Tom Yum & Miso Noodles

Some inspirations from

There is no right or wrong to the combination, everything is based on your own preference. :)

1. Tom Yum Noodle

2. Miso Noodle Soup

Some things to take note:
  1. The right paste is very important for the flavour - lazy me would just find the right paste. I don't use any measuring cup, it's all approximation
  2. Meat / seafood / (and perhaps mushroom too), all precooked to avoid stomach upset
  3. Vegetables should be sliced to really small bits
  4. Leave the jar till room temperature, about an hour, before adding boiling hot water
  5. Leave the boiling hot water in the jar for about 2-3 minutes before consuming
  6. Best consumed within 3 days. I have yet to test if it can be eaten after 4 days

Now comes the golden question, which flavour should I prepare next?!

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