Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hana Yuzen

I've passed by this shop a couple of times and I've always wanted to try. Just so happen Groupon had this promo, RM50 for RM100 voucher. So let's see if it is really worth the money.

A spoonful of Japanese style mashies, complimentary.

Sukiyaki (RM33). This is so, so bad. In most Japanese restaurants, Beef slices are served RAW unless it's the set where they serve it cooked, as shown in the photo. Let's not even get into the topic where Sukiyaki in Malaysia is not authentic. But the very least, serve the beef slices RAW if one did not order the set. So this is the alacarte Sukiyaki, beef slices served IN the soup which they are all overcooked by the time it arrived. RM33 for overcooked beef slices, worth it? No.

The Sashimi and Tempura set from the menu.

Sashimi and tempura set (RM45), the actual item. The menu shows a generous portion of sashimi but the actual portion? Indeed, pictures are for ILLUSTRATION purposes only. What you get in actual is a disappointment,

This pathetic portion. They ran out of salmon and decided to replace it with Hokkigai, divided into like what FIVE tiny slices. Seriously if they can't even get a set right, how am I to order a whole plate of Sashimi? Imagine if I were to order something more expensive and what I get is just something that is worth half the price. Some sashimi slices divided into N amount of slices. I don't even want to think about it. Plus points for freshly grated Wasabi though.

But really, RM45 for this portion, it's really not worth the money. Sets are supposed to be be a great value but really good value? I doubt.

They have salmon belly and replaced with Hokkigai instead of Salmon Belly. It's your fault that you ran out of salmon, you should be replacing it with belly if you ran out of normal salmon. Not replacing with some stupid Hokkigai divided into million bits. What an insult seriously.

The only thing I was satisfied for the night was the Hotate Roll (RM20). Roll was reasonably cheap with fresh raw scallops. The only downside was the Wasabi. It came with the prepacked Wasabi off the supermarket racks.

Few things I've noted
  • You'll get better service if you order more expensive food. By observation, it took forever for someone to come to us.
  • Cheap food is not good value at all. As described above.
  • Expensive sashimi comes with freshly grated wasabi while cheaper items comes with cheaper portion wasabi. I'm surprised, for the first time I've been served Wasabi depending on the food I've ordered. What nonsense is this??
  • Manager is not friendly at all. Just because we walked in with a Groupon voucher she was so unwelcoming. How would you know that I will not return in the future? It's your attitude that drives people away.
  • When food runs out of stock, it is the customer to bear the price, not the restaurant. What sort of value is that? You replace with something that is worth it, not something that is better for your restaurant, that is not the way to satisfy your customer when it was YOUR fault to begin with.
  • It is only worth a one time off visit. No more second time.

I'm sorry whoever the owner is, your Chinese auntie manager is terrible and she needs extra help in PR. Even though your food is delicious I will not return because the service is appalling, as much as I would love to tell people your sushi rolls are amazing. Maybe your chefs should be considering a more generous portion for the price you're charging. Otherwise, I'd rather visit other independent shops like Tomoe which is just around the corner. They are not cheap either but they deliver QUALITY and VALUE.

Hana Yuzen
26 Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor

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