Saturday, October 31, 2015

Iku Japanese Fusion Sushi

Sashimi Combo B (RM28.30) - Maguro, Salmon Belly, Hokkigai and Nitako

I've not heard of Iku Japanese and RM53 for RM100 cash voucher - WHY NOT!

Chuka Idako (RM5.80)

Sushi Combo A (RM23.90)

Sushi being sushi, served with their really interesting fusion sauces. It was a mixture of their special fusion sauces it came by default I'm guessing since I did not ask for it. But one of those spicy mayo, tastes superb! Sushi and spicy mayo, not bad! I did not like the strawberry sauce, one of those sweet and savoury combo gone wrong. The only thing that makes them stand out would be the sauces - it's something different, thus, Japanese Fusion Sushis :-)

Some baked oysters, I couldn't be bothered to remember what was this as it was so horribly unfresh (you know the smelly, funky, fishy eww smell) I had to spit it out. Not that it has gone bad but it does have some kind of odour. Ew.

Volcano Roll (RM27.80) , oh wait I thinkkkkk that's that.

The rolls are pretty much similar to each other I'm not even sure if I've ordered that. But not too bad, the fillings and all are pretty reasonable for the price. Edo Ichi will be the benchmark for rolls pricing - expensive roll with minimal ingredients, so not worth it. This, is just way better.

Overall I find it is OK for a second visit, their rolls can be really interesting because of their fusion sauces. It makes the rolls much more flavourful, depending on which sauce you're after. Also, there are so many choices I can't even finish trying all of it!!

As for the service, it is rather slow and they can be really unfriendly. There must be some shortage of staffs which could be the cause of the problem. When staffs are busy with work overload, they tend to be unhappy on their side too. But all on all, that is not my problem, it will only create unhappiness for us customers. Sometimes, the reason for not going back to the same place is the service.

Iku Japanese Fusion Sushi
21, Jalan SS21/60 
Damansara Uptown
Petaling Jaya 
47400 Selangor

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