Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Madras Lane

Curry noodle, not really thick curry but it was just right. It looks and feels slightly diluted but it is really flavourful.

Generous amount of Sardine Fish. Unfortunately these are from can ones marinated with tomato. It's not really a great combo with Laksa... Sourish Laksa soup and sweet tomato puree flavours. Ew actually.

Oh the YTF is very popular, with a super long queue but the fish paste is such a letdown.. I never like fish paste that is overly soft, not the soft and springy, it's just overly soft that it did not feel springy at all.

Fried stuff were ok but fish paste again, very tasteless. I prefer Ampang's Foong Foong for fried goodness - Foong Foong's version comes with water chestnut, which becomes crunchy on the inside as well. 

The trouble to come all the way to Madras Lane, the not very proper ambience, the rude people (I'm sorry, which table you're sitting at depending on what you've ordered. Expect sour faces if you don't order certain food or drinks from some certain people) and the long queue. It is not really worth it. I would have just gotten my dose of food elsewhere...

Madras Lane Street Food
Petaling Street
Kuala Lumpur

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