Friday, October 9, 2015

Mei by Fat Spoon

 Lemongrass Tea (RM9)

 Moo Moo Rice Bowl (RM19). It comes with chunks and chunks of yummilicious beef, served with an Onsen Egg (worth RM4) in the middle. Oh those garlic flakes are heavenly...

Moo Moo Rice Bowl at Damansara Uptown by chasingfooddreams. It looks so different from the Moo Moo Rice bowl at Mei by Fat Spoon Hartamas. It looks much more local compared to the previous photo which looks more like a Japanese inspired dish.

 Ox Tongue Rice (RM21). It totally reminded me of the best ox tongue rice in the world at Menya Melbourne!!! To those who have had the one at Melbourne, will understand the hype for Ox Tongue Rice. This one may not be as good, but it is good enough to satisfy my cravings! Chilli oil and flakes is a MUST! I've also added an Onsen Egg (RM4) which came up to RM25 for the bowl. Not too bad but in terms of value for money, the Moo Moo Rice Bowl is better.

Green Tea Creme Brulee served with Black Sesame Ice Cream (RM17). It seems like an odd combination, but it works!

I personally think Mei by Fat Spoon is so much better than Fat Spoon in Damansara Uptown. Although the price is slightly pricier, but it is worth paying. At Fat Spoon, I felt the food were already prepared and just pick and match to serve, hence the staleness of the fish and lukewarm curry which was supposed to be hot. At Mei by Fat Spoon, the food arrived hot and fresh. 

Overall, food is good at Mei by Fat Spoon, nice cafe ambience, staffs can be rather slow when the place is busy but they will still accommodate to requests. I really don't mind the extra bucks if the food is really good. There are a few other things in the menu I would love to try, maybe on my next visit. Looking forward! :)

Mei by Fat Spoon
22G, Jalan 27/70a
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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