Monday, October 12, 2015

Top Catch Fisheries 一頂魚屋

Free-range eggs. I remember those days in the UK/Aus where free range eggs are freely available in almost every marts. Unfortunately, it is not the same case in Malaysia. It would be nice if people start demanding for free range eggs than caged eggs.

This place is famous for their seafood, mostly imported items. 

Most of the items go by weight.

A slice of cod fish we got costs about RM40ish. It's not cheap, but quality is well assured.

There are a few other things flown in from Tsukiji market and some items from Norwegian. Look at those huge ass Hokkaido scallops, don't you just want one of those right now!

For sashimi lovers, grab yourself a portion of Norwegian salmon.

There are also bones and head for other purposes. I'm not a chef so I don't really know the purpose of those bones.

Freshly grated Wasabi are at RM1 each. Not too bad considered that they are freshly grated.

A generous portion like that costs about RM27.

They all come with a free container of Wasabi and Japanese soy sauce.

They are usually priced between RM20-30 depending on the weight and size. Averagely, you should expect to pay about RM25 for the Sashimi slices.

If you're looking for fresh Salmon Sashimi for your party, you know where to grab them now! Be sure to go earlier to avoid disappointment. Those slices do run out really quickly! They shut by 1pm, but don't expect to get anything at 12.30pm, they are most likely out by then. If you have any questions do drop them a message on Facebook, they are quite responsive to questions. You might want to follow them too to know their specials if they do import any. It could be Hamachi, Uni or any other premium items. 

Top Catch Fisheries 一頂魚屋 
17, Jalan Hujan Rahmat
Taman Overseas Union
58200 Kuala Lumpur

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