Monday, November 30, 2015


One of those restaurants in Athens to get a nice view of the Acropolis.

It is apparently quite a highly ranked restaurant in TripAdvisor, like top 100 out of 2.6k restaurants - based on contributors.

So sad the Acropolis was actually in the midst of repair work. Still amazing any how.

Fried Cod with Vegetables (€12)

I think we all should just stick to meat when in Greece. Their fish is just such a waste with that thick batter.

Veal Stew

Very flavourful from stewing it. No complaints from any of us.

 Milk Pie (€5)

We wanted to be adventurous with their desserts but unfortunately I didn't like any of it.

 Baklavas (€5)

The Baklava that didn't taste like the Middle-East version. Those cinnamon powder almost killed me. I mean, why cinnamon powder on desserts? It's an acquired taste!

  Ekmek, Sweet Yeast Bread with Ice Cream and Sweet Cherry (€6.50)

Ice cream is the only "normal" and more common thing. The Ekmek is just weird. I can't describe the taste, it's an acquired taste too, I've never had something like that before. Either you'll love it or hate it.

Because it was May at that time when we were there, daylight hours are much longer. We left before we could get a glimpse of it when it's darker.

I'm thinking that I must've ordered the wrong food. As I did a bit of searching here and there, people seem to be ordering everything but the ones I've posted. Well, Veal Stew is quite popular actually. The ambience is actually pretty good, it's quite cosy and we get a nice view too. :)

Rovertou Galli 25,
11742 Athens
Opening Hours
Tues-Sun 12pm - 1am
Closed on Mondays
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chef Kong 广记小厨

I felt so bad for having this post kept in the Draft section for months and months that I've saved up so many photos from different visits then. I shall start off by saying they serve the best coconut soup in town, and I repeat, the best coconut soup.

The fungus appetiser. Marinated with some sauces, slight touch of spiciness and sourness. It helps to open up appetite.

This coconut soup is heaven. I love it and it's a must-order every single time I come! They only prepare up to 20 of it per day. Once it is gone, it is gone. The coconuts are double-boiled up to 8 hours a day before serving it to customers! Things that can be found inside the coconut includes a piece of black chicken, goji berries, solomon's seal (yu zhu) and various other types of Chinese herbal, small chunk of pork meat. Of course, the coconut fragrance is so strong. What makes it good is that there is no thick layer of oil. Almost none. I believe they clean their meat so well or they drain it before serving. Very clear and sweet.

Watercress Soup. Nothing special, this is simple for those who loves homemade soup and do not have the time to prepare.

Stir-fry vegetables with lotus slices and fungus

Their famous Braised Chicken Feet, Pork, Tofu and Egg. If you want this famous dish, you have to call to order. Reason being, they only have this in their main shop, somewhere along Jalan San Peng which is operated by his wife. So if there is an order, he will bring enough to serve.

Fish Head Pot.

Another signature dish but not really my favourite. Fish head is deep fried first before stir frying with other ingredients like garlic, ginger and spring onion. 

This eggplant is one of my favourite, but it's a call-to-order thing. Not available on the spot. Reason being, they prepared it beforehand and it's not a popular dish. Hence it all goes into the bin if there are no orders for it. Such a waste... But it's just shows that their food is supposed to be served fresh. This is why you have to call to order.

This is one of my favourite. Icy Cold Sweet and Sour Pork!

It is cold outside and luke warm inside. Weirdo combo but it is good! I just like the combo of the cold then hot.

One of the dishes I can't remember what was this.

Prawns with Salted Egg.
Lightly battered with flour and really sufficient amount of salted egg yolk.

Kailan with Seaweed

Kailan with Muichoy.

This is so good all you Hakkas will love it!

Pumpkin and Bittergourd.

Of all their dishes I dislike this one the most. Pumpkin slices tasted a little raw and uncooked, bitter gourd slices are alright, like normal. It just didn't go that well.

These Pork Ribs are so good!
Lightly batter with Nam Yue.

Minced Meat with Salted Fish.

This was tailored for us, there is only minced meat with chinese cabbage or salted fish with something else. Because we really love this dish, Chef Kong himself decided to tailor this especially for us. How nice! Meat was well-minced but the salted fish was alright. The one at Mui Hiong is still my favourite of all time. It's the salted fish that makes the dish different.

Braised Egg Plant with Minced Pork.

Another dish that goes really well with rice.

Braised Hakka Muichoy with Sliced Pork.
I swear that the Hakka Muichoy is different from the original version from China. Our version is much sweeter and perhaps, a different Muichoy breed too.

Dongbo Meat.
Very well braised, meat is very tender, sauce is thickened enough with corn flour. Very flavourful.

Charsiew is so-so. Served with sauce because it is slightly dryer, being in the rack for the entire day.

Their braised homemade tofu is very good! 

Not sure what else they have added in the tofu, perhaps a little coriander or mixed meat. But really good.

Pumpkin dessert to end our meal. Real pumpkin blended with cream and coconut milk. Served hot.

Deep Fried Nin Gou - Not in the menu. Owner did it for his daughter's birthday. So lucky we got to try!

It is the place to be for homecooked Chinese food. It's just simple Chinese rice dishes, nothing fancy at all. There is air-conditioning in the restaurant so it makes the place comfortable to dine in too. Soup are priced between RM10-RM16, which is reasonable as I'd get really full with just one portion. Being a Hakka myself, they offer a variety of Hakka dishes too. It makes me feel like I can get comfortable food at affordable prices! They also have lunch sets priced between RM10-RM15. Great deal :)

Chef Kong 广记小厨
Viva Home Shopping Mall
85, Jalan Loke Yew
55200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10pm

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Opium KL

Eat-All-You-Can Dimsum Menu! RM28 per pax, inclusive of drinks! All free flow! I had this last month, not sure if it's on still. But great value!

Iced Lemon Tea served in the fanciest way...

Sugarcane Prawn

5 Spice Roll

Lemongrass Stick

Loh Mai Kai

Loh Shi Fun

Phoenix Dumpling

Crabstick in Smoked Chicken Roll

Siew Mai

Crispy Prawn Roll

Crystal Dumpling

Such pretty setting. Such a shame this great deal is only available during lunch hours, on weekdays.:(

I'm not quite sure how long this will go on for, but it's best to make a call to ask and reserve a table. It is rather quiet during lunch hours but still, best to book your table. Do check their Facebook page from time to time for the latest promotions and updates. From what I recall, I'm not sure if they are Halal but they definitely do not serve pork at all. 

Opium KL
50 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur 
Opening Hours
Sun-Thurs 12pm - 1am
Fri 12pm - 2am
Sat & Sun 4pm - 2am
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe

French Earl Grey (RM14.90)

Affogato (RM13)

This affogato is CONFUSING. And it TUMBLES!!

Waffle with Single Scoop of Coconut Gula Melaka (RM14.90)

Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe by Cielo Dolci
D2-G3-05 Solaris Dutamas
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Mon, Wed & Thur - 11am - 11pm
Fri - 11am - 12am
Sat - 10am - 12am
Sun - 10am - 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Castle


Such a bad choice to order a Canadian dish in London. Wrong, wrong choice. Sauce diluted, and what cheese??? Barely even see any cheese.

 Handmade scotch eggs with HP sauce

This, is good. The yolk is still ooooozing out and the eggs are still lukewarm. Yums.

Whitebait, tartare sauce and lemon

Very crispy little bites. But I expect it to come like that. Initially I wanted fish and chips and thought this is something "smaller" from their small plates.

£13 for 3 choices (all of the above). Just because we wanted to have breakfast before having even more food for lunch!

The Castle
225 Portobello Road,
Notting Hill
W11 1LU London
United Kingdom
020 7221 7103
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 11am - 11pm
Fri & Sat - 11am - 12am
Sun - 12pm - 10.30pm

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