Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Aziamendi 88 Kuala Lumpur

Decided to go for the 5-courses lunch as I wasn't too sure about having anything more! I was really tempted to grab some of the bar snacks but I got way too full at the end of it. As we all already know this is the pop up dining in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, with Chef Eneko Atxa behind Aziamendi. Eneko Atxa is the youngest 3 Michelin Stars Chef, well as stated on their site. To be frank it is really reasonable as there's no way that you're paying such price for 3 Michelin Stars restaurant for dining in any other parts of the world. 5 courses for only RM198 per pax!

The Milk Bun.

Actually I wonder if I'm the only person who thinks this goes super well with condensed milk instead!

Item 1 - Truffled Infused Egg

It certainly did not look as good as what we see from pictures, with the little piece of Truffle on it. Or Lifestyle Asia's camera must be soooo good it captured that wonderful bit. But forget about the appearance, it looks beautiful if you don't actually compare.

Oh I love Egg Yolks in general. Then they decided to inject some truffle into the yolk. It's soft and bubbly, should pop the entire spoon into mouth. It will burst so poking it is so not recommended! Of course it's rich and creamy, the yolk I mean. It's the entire yolk! The injected truffle sauce can't be tasted immediately, but towards the end of it, we could taste the mild truffle. Literally eggasm!

Corn Loaves.

The bread are all complimentary. Words can't express how strong those corn flavours are. There is no trace of corn at all, but boy, the smell of the corn, the taste of it. I've never tasted anything so strong corn flavours besides corn itself!

Item 2 - The Garden

It looks wonderful! Like a mini garden served on a plate. So beautiful! Again, the decoration is slightly lacking compared to the photos that have been circulating. Not to say it's not beautiful, it's just not as beautiful. Pictures for marketing purposes and for general public usually differs. Regardless, it is still a beautiful piece of art.

I refused to eat because the base of the garden is made of Beetroot. I really dislike Beetroot, but anyway since I've already ordered, I might as well just give it a shot. Certainly so strong "raw" Beetroot taste I really could not go any further. I tried my best to finish it but half was already my best bet. Accompanied with miniature carrot, sweet peas, broccoli, cauliflower and courgette. Oh and that little flower thingy. Ixora petals.

Spelt Slices.

I really love how these yummy bread slices are coming in non-stop. I only had one of each, not too much, as it will expand and I won't have room for all my courses then.

 Item 3 - Grilled Tuna, Fried Tempura Eggs, Marmitako and Edible Flowers

Decently presented. I got what I saw from pictures! At least :-)

I started off with the first tempura egg. I almost died from the pop. It is crusty outside and it pops inside! The egg is semi-cooked so it melts in the mouth! It leaks out of the outer crispy batter, so don't even try to half it - it's supposed to be eaten full! Tuna is perfectly grilled outside leaving the middle really tender. Finished the grilled Tuna and took the second tempura egg. The feeling of popping the tempura egg in the mouth is so good I swear I wouldn't mind more of that! Pops out and drips in the mouth for the second time. First it was the egg yolk from the first dish, then its tempura eggs. Eggasm...
The little shot by the side is Marmitako. Something I've never even heard of! Did a bit of searching here and there, I'm assuming it's just thickened and salty tuna stew. Of course I wouldn't know what is in it, just find is quite salty. Do the shot and pop the Tuna Sashimi and crispy slice of crisp bread, something like Biscotti. It balances out because the Marmitako is slightly salty.

Item 4 - Lamb Shoulder, Pesto, Parmesan, Pine Nuts

Beautifully presented just like what I saw from pictures.

I'm always quite skeptical when it comes to lamb, some can be so bad, so gamey you would want to spit it out immediately. Of course I don't quite believe that it will happen here. The lamb shoulder was really tender, no gamey smell. It is actually unbelievable tender. With a little pesto at the bottom, it diverts the attention of me thinking that I'm having lamb. Speaking of the white, soft and bubbly thing by the side... the Parmesan cheese. It is SO smooth, like newborn baby's cheeks. This is another thing that pops in my mouth. The Parmesan balls are incredibly smooth... I've never ever had such smooth cheese before! The moment I did the pop in my mouth it became like a liquid form then it melts in the mouth! Like a balloon filled with water!

Item 5 - Dulcey Chocolate Peanut and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Standard presentation, but too much redundant space. Which they call that art. Oh well, not much difference with place a small scoop in the middle of a huge plate. It's just plating, so get over it people!! Afterall it's the ice cream and peanut butter with chocolate ganache we are after.

They both tastes really good individually, the salted caramel is well, obviously salted and caramel served on little butterscotch crumbs. I do not really enjoy chocolate, but I still eat a little bit from time to time. The peanut butter and chocolate, lightly gold dusted, is very smooth and sweet. The texture so so smooth like cream. Both are sweet in different ways - eating both of them together is something different too. Because I dislike chocolate, even if it's dark, chocolate still tastes "too sweet" for me. The Salted Caramel ice cream neutralised it. Oh and those butterscotch crumbs at the side? So good I finished them!

This whole pop up dining lasted only until the 31st October 2015. It was meant to be on for only 88 days. So glad I've made it, even if it's only 5 courses. But it's okay! I couldn't finish my portions actually. I would have wasted even more if I had the 8 courses. Next time, next time.

Aziamendi 88
Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumppur

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