Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dave's Deli

NZ Lamb Chop (RM19.60)

A lot of you must be wondering where have I been. Because this is really my first time hearing Dave's Deli.

Chicken Chop (RM19.60)

Apparently this place brings back lots of childhood memories for a number of people that I know! Jeez, just that mine does not include Dave's. The only noticeable difference is definitely the pricing. That kind of price during primary schooldays? Could feed us up to a week in school! Also, to have something that portion and that pricing means it is some sort of celebration. Childhood memories indeed... Gone were the days! Back to Dave's, the best part of it? 100% Malaysian owned and operated! Support our local joints! :)

Dave's Deli
Atria Shopping Gallery
One Utama Shopping Centre
Subang Parade
*available in a few malls in Klang Valley

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