Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The famous Nyhavn in Copenhagen. It's like a must go place to see, but food around the area seems too touristy. True enough, we landed upon a super touristy cafe. So difficult to pick a cafe to go, because they all serve pretty similar food.

Fillet with Shrimps, "Caviar" and Asparagus (kr139)

Denmark is known for having lots of fishes, shrimps and bread. In most places you'll see choices of fish in their menu. Unfortunately my choices were not so good, or they don't provide fresh fish, or it's basically just like that I don't know. The fish tasted awkwardly fishy, smells like ammonia?! The caviar looked rather suspicious too. The colour faded a bit on the mayo, not even sure what kind of caviar is that. Well obviously not the expensive ones, afterall the price did not justify.

Fish and Chips (kr139)

Danish style fish and chips?! Again, that weird fishy ammonia smell. Not sure if the fish is supposed to be like that or it's from being unfresh?! It came really dry too, unlike the ones we get in Britain! 

Can't judge their food based on just some random cafe we walked into. There are shocking amount of seafood choices, particularly their Herring dishes. I don't really like Herring to begin with. Perhaps we should have had at least a meal at a reputable restaurant. Maybe next time.. I wouldn't recommend fish in this cafe though. It really tastes so weird! 

Nyhavn 25
1051 Copenhagen
Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 9am - 11am
Fri-Sun 8am-11am
Daily 11am-4pm
Mon-Wed 5pm - 10pm
Thurs-Sat 5pm - 9pm
Live Music
Thurs-Sat 10pm - 1am
Hyttefadet's Page

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