Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jung Sung Bon Shabu Suki

Everything in this shop is just overpriced, it's just that typical Korean tourist trap in Myeongdong.

Ox tongue slices? These were not thinly slices. Quite thick, so even if it's semi-cooked or fully-cooked, both were tough. And heck, it wasn't even cheap to begin with!

Shabu-shabu. Meat was alright but the small plate of seafood is rubbish.

Literally rubbish. They were unfresh and it stinks bloody hell. Gosh it's the unfresh oysters! This is what happens when you order a set that comes with everything.

Egg wasn't even fluffy. Completely overcooked and dry.

I really can't believe it if anyone approves of this place? First, its pricey, second, the quality they serve is not even top class. I mean, they are charging for things they can't deliver, so price it lower then! Whatever it is I will avoid this place like herpes. Not worth the money at all. Service is pretty shit too. Koreans can be really unfriendly and I can totally match their service with typical Hong Kong char chan tengs (cafes). Asking for an extra empty bowl somehow seems as though I'm making them jump down from the building or something.

Jung Sung Bon Shabu Suki
South Korea

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