Monday, November 23, 2015

Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood

This was not the place we wanted to go, but settled for it anyway because we were too hungry to search for the exact place. I have to get to the point where I've met the rudest ever Thai girl. Thai girls are KNOWN to be very friendly and approachable but seriously this one was so bad I wanted to slap her already. But let's talk about it later.

It's pretty similar, you get to pick your seafood and they'll cook whatever or however you want it to be.

Thai Fish Cakes, served hot. Just nothing special.

Thai style Otak Otak - same thing, served hot, nothing worth mentioning except the portion? Came really "flat" and quite small. Maybe it's meant to be like that.

Petai Prawns with Cayenne Pepper. 

OMG, I dislike Cayenne Pepper?! I didn't know this beforehand but it's alright. I just hated the flavours of that pepper but it's a Thai thing. Thai people loves Cayenne Pepper because it's spicy and the spicy comes after a while. 

Tom Yam with really fresh seafood.

The crab we chose, grilled and ended up on our table. Sorry Crabby :(

Thai style steamed fish with loads of coriander, garlic and chilli, Me like!

Fresh lobster from the pond... Steamed and served on our table. The meat is super tough, So tough like rubber. It's really very sweet but unfortunately, being overcooked the meat is horribly tough.

It's just a scoop  of ice cream in the huge coconut..

Mango Sticky Rice

No kidding the waitress who served us pissed us off and the other tables too. It's not that she can't understand English, but she was plain rude! We asked for simple things like bowls / serviettes, and had to signal repeatedly, and got her to get it only at least 3 times before it came. Don't even talk about her not smiling, she walks off without acknowledging every single time we talk to her. How rude is that? As for signalling, she clearly saw  us signalling but she chose to ignore and walk off. Out of an average of 5 times she ignored us for 4 times. Who in the world hired such a person? Even the table next to us got so annoyed. I wanted to make a scene but gah I did not. Just take it as one helluva bad experience. Afterall, the food wasn't really memorable so I might as well never recommend this place to anybody. If only the manager knew about it.

Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood
44/1, Moo 5
Viset Road
83130 Phuket

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