Monday, November 9, 2015

Milligram Cafe & Eatery

Those cats outside Milligram is no stranger to familiar faces now.

Affogato (RM13).

When you can't decide between coffee and ice cream. 

Mushroom Soup with Bread (RM13)

Thick and creamy mushroom soup but sadly the portion is rather small. Plate is huge but soup is only taking up say 20% of it? Should've used a smaller bowl if the portion is small hmmm. Bread as usual, it is fluffy and light. Yums!

Matcha Tiramisu Mille Crepe (RM13), got it at RM10 as they had a cake-day promotion.

Did not really like it, Matcha and Tiramisu just did not go too well for me.

Roast Chicken with Mash (RM19)

Portion is quite sad compared to their Chicken Chop. The chicken leg is realllyyyy small.

Aglio Olio with Sausage (RM17)

Oh boy I did not try but it smells so good! The sausage is super huge too, at least delivering what they charged for!

This place has became my regular brunch / tea place. Their food is no where near Michelin standards, but here in this place, it's cosy and they serve pretty decent cafe food. They have a Coffee Loyalty Card now- one coffee, one stamp. It will benefit regulars, yay :) Also, you can find some handy card/board games if you're running out of topics to talk.

Milligram Cafe & Eatery
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11pm
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