Saturday, November 21, 2015

Typica 豆原

They used to have a shop in Shaw Parade but not anymore. The nearest to me is probably the one at Pekan Ampang. Not sure if they have any other outlets. But yes, spot these unfriendly gates. It is not obvious at all, if you miss it, you will miss it. They are only open on weekends. It is very crucial that you have to remember to call them at the door otherwise you won't be able to get in.

The menu. I have no clue... Can't read :(

Looks like a chemistry lab isn't it?! Coffee chemistry...

The owners presumably, are very helpful. I just told her my preference and she explained everything from A-Z, even though I'm not really that knowledgeable, she managed to cook something nice for me.

Did I also mention that their homemade cakes are to die for?! Their cakes are always different, this time we had the Passionfruit cheesecake. These are Taiwanese passionfruits which she claimed to be different from the usual one we normally get. Stuffed in between the really light cheesecake. I fell in love with their cheesecakes!

I had the hot coffee, can't remember what was the name. But it was mild because I didn't want anything strong. Served in that wine glass as the taste is different when it's hot and chilled. Especially when it is chilled, that's when the aroma is stronger.

The one on the right side is the cold drip coffee. That, was much stronger than the hot one I've ordered. It all drills down to personal preference. Just tell them yours and they'll brew it to your taste buds.

We also bought a small pack of local coffee beans. From the plantation in Kulai.

Cakes and more cakes. They also have cold coffee to go.

It's a different concept compared to the other coffee shops that you get out there. It is much more personalised, more cozy. It gets even better when the people who are selling, are knowledgeable. Next it is the service, they are really friendly. The place is really small so if you're going in a group it is better to reserve a table. I arrived at 1pm sharp, being one of their first for their day, got the opportunity to select my table.

Typica 豆原
342, Jalan Merdeka
Kampong Baru Ampang
68000 Selangor
Opening Hours
Only Sat & Sun 1pm - 6pm

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