Thursday, December 24, 2015


Americans and their burgers!! Looking at the patty and those sauces dripping out makes me want to eat the picture up!

Instead of having buns, you can always replace it with vege. It is somewhat a form to make yourself feel better for consuming lesser calories..

Bareburger's minis.

I didn't really like Bareburger. The patty is thick and juicy but the bun is a letdown. Unlike Shake Shack, theirs is slightly dry and stale. Maybe it was already late but that shouldn't by the excuse for it to be so stale. Feeling so sad for the patty now.

Well the other selling point is that their burger is all organic and natural. I'm happy for them that they have grown to so many shops over time, but there must be some sort of quality check isn't it. If it's not good it wouldn't have grown till 28 shops and still counting? I would definitely give it a second chance again the next time I go. It could have been that one time I was unlucky.

42-38 Bell Blvd
NY 11361
United States
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 10pm
Bareburger's Page
Bareburger on Facebook

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