Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Boran Thai

That new Thai place in Seapark to get typical Thai street food.

Very simple furnishing with beautiful vintage signboards.

The 4-page menu consists of selected Thai street food picks, the popular ones.

Pork Noodle without these condiments are very plain, like basic MSG soup.

 Thai Iced Tea (RM4.90)

 Basil Pork Rice (RM7.90)

Not bad for that price, it comes with a sunny side!

 Wantan Skin (RM1.50)

 Grilled Pork Neck (RM14.90)

This pork is marinated perfectly, it tastes good even without the sauce!!! I didn't like the sauce actually, I prefer the sauce at Rak Somtam where it's slightly spicy and sour. Well the pork is so tender and nicely marinated, I didn't even need the sauce! I believe they only have limited portions per day so go earlier to avoid disappointment!!

 Pork Noodle - Thai Noodle (RM4.90)

Small and one is definitely not enough. But it's ok to just have one because you'll need space for other food too!

Pork Noodle - Mee Hoon (RM4.90)

It's very mild for those of you who loves it that way and it comes in either thai flat noodles or mee hoon only.

Thai Pudding (RM2.90)

Their service is actually quite slow, possibly because it's new. The place wasn't even half full when we were there in the morning. The noodles were the last to arrive, when the preparation time is actually supposed to be a quick one. That's not really the factor that will stop me from coming back if I'm craving for some Thai flavours!!

25G, Jalan 21/11a
Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor
Opening Hours
Tues-Sun 11.30am - 2.30pm; 5.30pm - 9pm
Closed on Mondays
Boran Thai on Facebook

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