Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TGI Friday's

Buffalo for Buffalo Wings. I'm not sure where's the best but TGIF because it's right at our hotel.

Not sure if I'm being biased, but American food is obviously nicer in the States!

Those ribs are nicely char-grilled, served with sweet potato chips! Don't know why but the Americans are so good at grilling their food and stirring up those fries. Even after prepping it's still juicy and succulent. The width is slightly huge and the thickness is thin. So I am still able to feel the texture of the sweet potato fries inside and yet crispy on the outside. If the width is too thin, can you imagine how tough are those fries going to be? Also chances of it being overcooked! Suddenly I sound like a Fries expert but I'm not. I just learn to appreciate good fries.

Fridays may not be the best place, but the nearest town from Niagara Falls seems to be quite quiet so can't really expect much choices. Best to stick with something that I know! At least they do serve pretty decent American choices. :)

TGI Friday's
300 3rd St,
Niagara Falls
NY 14303
United States
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 1am

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