Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Fabulous Baker Boy

The cafe is so beautiful from the outside. The walls are practically huge pieces of glass so it's a see-through concept. It is very noticeable from the main street. Shame I couldn't snap a good picture of it..

Ok and those cakes, don't they look amazing?! Nothing fancy, no decorations... Just a simple glass lid.

Fried Chicken and Waffles ($21)

The chicken waffles is not too bad! Chicken is very juicy, but waffles are slightly lacking, it did not appear to look like what I've seen from pictures.. It's lukewarm soft and dry, rather than slight crisp outside and soft inside. The purple cabbage is a weird combination actually. But it doesn't matter to have a small salad portion by the side.

Duck Confit ($21)

Oh the duck is very  tender, slow cooked to perfection. With a hint of plum gravy and mashies.

The cake may look plain and boring, but it is a must have!! They may not have the best presentation but it's OK so long it's moist and there's enough icing. The icing is slightly sweet, so I did not finish it.

The Fabulous Baker Boy
70, River Valley Rd
Singapore 179037
Opening Hours
Tue-Thurs - 11am - 10pm
Fri&Sat - 11am to 11pm
Sun 10am - 5pm
Brunch/Lunch Last Orders 3 pm
Dinner Last Orders 9 pm
Cakes & Nibbles all day
The Fabulous Baker Boy's Page
The Fabulous Baker Boy on Facebook

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