Saturday, December 5, 2015


YKKO is a Burmese chain restaurant, which can be found in various parts of Myanmar. YKKO is famous for Kyay Oh. To make it simple, noodles with broth.

Their noodles are very inconsistent depending on location, not all outlets are good. For example, the broth that they provide per bowl, can be way too little it should just be dry noodle!

But their portion of meat is so generous - though the meat has too much cornflour (it's is so very starchy, ew).

Very crispy wantan skin with super small portion of meat.

Their food is range between USD4 - USD8 per portion. 

The Meat Skewers are really good - so BBQ items are probably a good choice too.

YKKO does serve decent local delights, if you're looking for some Burmese flavours. Actually just by checking on news of YKKO, it shows that their chain restaurants are not very clean either, but definitely cleaner than the shops by the road. Chances of food poisoning is probably lower...

As for YKKO or Burmese food, I just find that their food is slightly similar to Chinese food but lack of flavours, but they do use so much MSG I almost died from it. Not sure if spices are difficult to get in Myanmar, but don't match your expectations to what you will usually get from Asian Restaurants. It is different, just embrace :)

YKKO Junction Square Mall - The food quality is terrible. The soup is lacking, service is slow, noodle overcooked and became soggy, the food is just bad.

YKKO Myanmar Culture Valley - Noodles are just nicely done, soup is sufficient,  grilled skewers are much nicer. Probably the chef is better.

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