Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dah Makan: Butter Chicken with Quinoa Mix and Roast Vegetables

So I braved myself to order from Thanks to Ginny for her code, I got myself RM10 off my first meal.

So it came just before lunch time - all nicely packed!

I've also ordered a bottle of Hibiscus and Lime Tapping Tapir Soda (RM8) and it came with some sweet pastries.

Butter Chicken with Quinoa Mix and Roast Vegetables (RM17). Quite messy when it arrived, quinoa is all over the place. Butter chicken nicely packed in the plastic container.

Some facts about Dah Makan:
  1. Pork free
  2. Not gluten free or nut free - at least it is not specified anywhere
  3. You should order a day before, but you can still order on the same day through their Mobile App.
  4. Approximately RM18 - RM25 per box
  5. 3 types everyday, click here for more information.
  6. Number to contact - 018.201.5592 (Mon-Fri, 9am - 6:30pm)
  7. Click here for their webpage.
  8. Click here for Facebook page
  9. Click here for Instagram page
  10. Email address: 
  11. Free delivery in KL - Contact them to confirm delivery charges for Selangor areas
Verdict: Overall the food is good - portion is pretty good for me. I didn't snack till dinner after having their meal, which is very unusual because I normally do. This kept me away from my snacks! Less oil, less fats, great healthy selection. What made it even better- they do not repeat their dishes. Only two different choices a day, but the menu changes everyday. How spoilt!
*Update: They have upgraded to three choices everyday!!

Check out their site and if you are keen- Click here for RM10 off your first order :)

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