Friday, January 15, 2016

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

Decided to pay Batman a visit.. So here we are at DC Comics Cafe!

Apparently there is one in Singapore too and according to a friend it is overpriced. Not sure about it but do try it if you're in KL, it's definitely cheaper due to our currency?!

Some choices of coffee, mocha and shakes.

We came right after lunch so not too much room for even more food. But they do serve food for lunch and tea.

Cappuccino is only at RM12, probably a Ringgit or two higher than majority cafes in Klang Valley, but the one in Singapore costs $6.90! (Which is about RM20ish).

The Oreo Milkshake costs RM19 but price of shakes in SG appears to be at least $9.90!! (About RM30ish). This is the price to pay for opening a cafe in MBS.

Oh and the shake comes with a cute cape too. I love the milk shake actually- it was really so smooth!

Blueberry Pancakes (RM16.50), approved by Batman, came with some blueberries, dried fruits, cream, syrup and butter. It took the pancakes almost 30 minutes to get to us.

Some collectibles for you fans out there.

It's one cute idea to do this, but sadly they can't handle the volume. Even 3-4 tables is such a long wait. When I mean long wait, almost 20 minutes for coffee to get to us. Service is almost non-existent. We pay at the counter, we wait for our food/drinks to be served. Just don't get too agitated, because the service is indeed slow. 

DC Comics Super Heroes
Sunway Putra Mall
Unit 2-29 2nd Floor
Jalan Putra
50350 Kuala Lumpur

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