Saturday, January 9, 2016


The bestie decided to buy us dinner for her birthday... and she recommended this place. Who knows this hidden gem is so good?! We went for the 5 course dinner and boy, you'll be surprised that it's more than enough.

There are some snacks servings, which is not stated in the menu. The snack itself could have already been considered as 1 course!

Snack #1 - Deep fried Choysum Crisps. 

A little oily because it's deep-fried. Drink loads of water to avoid dry throat.

Snack #2 - Wantan with Lamb and Jackfruit fillings.

Definitely not your regular wantan.. Sweet, savoury, very mild gamey all wrapped and deep fried. It's really something different.

Snack #3 / Palette Cleanser - Frozen Yogurt with Roselle Leather, Cuttlefish, Cumin and Lime Zest.

This bite size snack is as huge as your thumb. Do not leave it out for too long, it's small and its frozen. It will melt... The red-ish thingy which wraps the yogurt is the roselle leather. No it has nothing to do with your leather shoes, so don't worry. The texture of it is slightly chewy - it felt as though I was biting a piece of paper. Like Viet spring roll sheet. The taste of the cumin is so strong I actually didn't really like it. It's quite amazing to get so many different flavours in just one small bite.

Course #1 - Blue Mackerel - Cured Mackerel, Ulam Raja, Pomelo, Local Flowers

Course #2 - Roast Mushrooms - King Oyster Mmushrooms, Green Curry Paste, Yoghurt, Dried Mackerel Flakes

Course #3 - Braised Aubergine - Braised in Mushroom Stock, Jackfruit Seeds, Black Bean Sauce, Garlic Emulsion

Course #4 - Lamb - Confit of Lamb Breast, Spring Onions, Marsala and Onion Puree

Course #4 - Pike Conger - Smoked Pike Conger, Custard, Fermented Long Beans Relish, Roasted Okra, Clams Foam

Course #4 - Duck - Roast Duck Breast, Duck Leg Rillette, Beetroots, "Blood" Sauce

Course #5 - Mulberry Jam, Cardamom Ganache, Cashew Brittles, Pucuk Gajus, Mulberry Snow

Snack #4 - Popsicle

5 courses is more than enough for small eaters like me. Men should probably go for 10 courses. Then again it's only a couple of dollars extra for 10 courses. This is one place I'd recommend for people who loves fine dining food. It's not just the usual western flavours, it's very fusion, incorporating a lot of local herbs and flowers to create that sensation. It's not your usual cheese, cream or caviar, but it's fresh local items. For something like that in Europe will probably costs 2-3 times more expensive because they can't get herbs as fresh. 

I will definitely revisit this place when they change the menu. Oh the dinner went for about 3 hours +. So take your time to enjoy the night.

KDU University College
Utropolis Glenmarie
Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, Seksyen U1
Shah Alam
40150 Selangor
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 12pm - 2.30pm
Thurs-Sat 7pm - 9pm
Closed on Sundays and Certain Public Holidays
Phone Reservation (I personally think it is a MUST)
Mon-Fri 10am - 12pm; 3pm - 5pm
Dewakan's Page
Dewakan on Facebook

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