Thursday, January 21, 2016

Keng-Dom Restaurant

Ever since the launching of Straits Hotel Suite, shops around became so much more livelier. 

Food in this restaurant seemed decently good, nothing much to comment about. These are pretty standard chinese food, Stir-fry dishes have the "wok hei", especially those noodles.

But this pot of curry is probably the one dish worth talking about. It's their signature pork ribs curry served with a layer of "pastry". Just like in Mamak stalls, you get Roti Canai and curry, it's a pretty similar concept. Those ribs are so tender, cooked in the pork of thick curry. The pastry is however, much better than Roti Canai because it is not as oily. It is served really, really hot, like immediately out from the oven. Thus, pastry is hot and crusty. So fresh!

So in order to get to the curry we have to remove the pastry. If the pastry is left for too long, it wouldn't be as crusty anymore. Best to eat it when it's hot! It's great if you love pork and also curry. As we all may already know, pork in curry is not a common item as it is Non-Halal item.

Normal Boiled Chicken / Pak Cham Kai.

Mixed vegetables.

Mochi peanut balls with black sesame fillings.

Might suggest to reserve a table - this place is really packed after 7pm! I'm guessing it must a popular place to dine for the locals. Food is OK overall, apart from that Pork Curry Pie everything else is just the usual Chinese stuff.

Keng-Dom Restaurant
147, Jalan Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 2pm; 6.30pm - 11pm

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