Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little Putuo Island

A very small island in Erhai Lake. We went on a cruise for scenic places and Little Putuo Island was one of the stop - to visit the temple.

The stop was only for about 20 minutes so didn't have much time for the temple. Instead, we got ourselves some local street delights!

Freshly prepared seafood

Most of the shops are selling the same thing - grilled fish, deep-fried snacks.

I think it's a mixture of shrimps and langoustines, some are very much larger. I think these Chinese people are quite good at scamming. They have one set of live stock, the other side would be cooked. Only about 10% of the live stock are in the prepped cup - there are really, really small shrimps inside which I couldn't find in the live stock basket. Cheaters..

Just beware of pickpockets and street food stall scammers. Actually they are all probably the same.

Little Putuo Island Dali 

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