Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mak's Chee

Decided to try the wonton mee despite the fact that I never like wonton mee.

It was only for media till late evening, so we had to queue for it after whatever event they were having earlier.

They don't look local to me, perhaps they are all from HK, hopefully not just for the opening! When I took this picture they all gave me the really peculiar stare. I thought they should have gotten used to it by now!

Noodle selection. It was the hardest time ever to decide!!

Some people asked if it's comparable to the one in HK. I haven't even tried the one in HK I'm really not sure, but then again if the chefs are from HK the quality should be comparable! Also, it was still their launching week it has to been good, isn't it?!

 Noodle with Dried Prawn Roe Sprinkle (RM14.90)

 Noodle with Braised Beef Tendon / Brisket (RM15.90)

 Noodle with Signature Sea Prawn Wonton (RM14.90)

There are actually 2 more wontons beneath the 3. Not too bad!

 Noodle with Sea Prawn Wonton + Add-On Brisket (RM16.90)

Wonton + Dumpling Soup (RM16.90)

We added a bowl of sides just because I thought the prawn roe looks plain but meh, I was wrong! I'm a fan of wonton so I don't mind a few bowls of it. Some black fungus found in the dumpling, makes it so crunchy, yums.

The soup is very light with really fresh prawn flavour and some of the green dragon vegetables (Directly translated from Cantonese because I haven't got a clue what is it called in English.. Perhaps it came from the chives family so they are some Chinese chives!).

I don't know about general public, but I personally like it. The only place I would probably have wonton mee. It may be overrated, but then again their wonton mee is really better than most shops in KL. I don't like wonton mee but I'm OK with this one - perhaps I like it thin like Angel's Hair. Beef is extremely tender, wonton skin is very thin, wrapping a whole prawn by itself. Prices are about that for food in shopping malls. Now you don't need to fly to HK just for wonton mee, wonton mee flew to you!

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Mak's Chee
LG311D 1 Utama (Opposite Cold Storage)
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor

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