Thursday, January 14, 2016

원당 감자탕 Onedang

Some 24 hours shop we found in Myeongdong. After doing a Google search, they are apparently quite popular in Korea.. Lots of newspaper cuttings at the entrance so we've decided to pop in to try.

Korean Gamjatang

Spicy pork ribs hot pot with mixture of Korean Japchae noodles, enoki mushrooms, greens, potatoes and radish.

When we left the potatoes in the soup for the long, the soup became so thick because those potatoes were already squished into bits so it wasn't by then.

Korean Pajeon

We came here twice in two days - on our first night, the pancake was perfectly crisps outside and warm when it arrived. Sadly on the second day, our pajeon didn't have the same effect- it was too thick and was not crispy at all.

Beef Bulgogi

As usual, it came with some side dishes. 

We found this restaurant along the shopping area in Myeongdong. It's the road on the way to Namdaemun Market. It's just 5 minutes walk from Shinsegae. As you walk towards Myeongdong from Shinsegae you should be able to see this shop. It's one of the OK ones around Myeongdong. Most restaurants in Myeongdong shopping is basically tourist trap, so we got really lucky to be able to find this one.

Also, don't be shock to find out their service is just bad. Out of 10 shops I've been to this belongs to the 9 where service is shitty as hell. I just can't understand why, is it a Korean thing? People here are sulky as hell, asking them for an extra plate is as though the fella has to carry 100kilos of plates to us. Just because we didn't want to eat much, they looked at us oddly when we only ordered just one pot and some side dishes. We didn't even know if the food was great so ordering two huge pots of the same thing is not a good idea! It turned out to be very good hence we came back again the second time, ignoring the fact that their service is beyond appalling.

However, I would still recommend this place for their food, especially the Gamjatang. Just disregard their attitude, as most behaves like that. In a .1% you'll get nice friendly Koreans who tries their very best to make you feel great in their shop but that is really rare. 

원당 감자탕 Onedang
25-33 Chungmuro 1-ga
South Korea
Onedang's Page

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