Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sam Kee BBQ Place

First time to Kluang, did a little research online and ended up at this place. Little did I know that there are plenty of Chinese food in this little town.

Of course these can't be compared to the ones we get in KL, but sometimes, less commercialised flavours are healthier. For example, this BBQ Roast Pork isn't as chargrilled as the ones we can get in KL. Look on the brighter side - those black burnt bits are delicious but it's not good for us. Some says it is cancerous, but who knows?!

At Sam Kee, the BBQ Roast Pork is not really chargrilled, and after pouring sauce on it, it became just like another stir-fry pork. Roast pork is really good though - very crispy skin! The only thing tht bothered me was the thickness of the meat. It was too thin like paper. It would have been so juicy if it's thicker!

The roast duck is yummy too - the layer of fats beneath the skin makes the duck so juicy! Skin is slightly crispy which made it so good.

If you happen to be crossing this place before heading to Mersing Jetty, and also craving for Chinese goodness, this is the place to be. We were there really early when the shop was only half full but the wait for our food was pretty long... It was at least 30 minutes. These are all prepared food so I find the long wait is really unnecessary. It's just no wonder this place is so filled up - so many people waiting and waiting. If they could work on the wait time it would be perfect.

Sam Kee BBQ Place
Jalan Lambak
Kampung Masjid Lama
86000 Johor

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