Saturday, January 2, 2016

YE Traditional Dumplings

I've blogged about this place some time ago - but it was a bad review for their branch in Kota Damansara. This time, it's a positive experience. The branch here in Pandan Jaya is the original branch. It explains why the food is much better!

Hakka Abacus Beads

One reason to come here is to get some Hakka food that is not easy to prepare at home.

Typical Hakka Stuffed Chilli / Yong Lat Chiu

Dry Pan Mee

According to Google sources, apparently Pan Mee is a Hakka thing. I never knew that.

Vegetarian Spinach Dry Noodles

I requested for a full vegetarian noodle, and here it is. So flavourful especially that chilli!

Wantan Noodles

I can't remember individual pricing, but you can get a bowl of noodle for less than RM10.

Hakka Lei Cha

As you may already realise, you should not even touch this if you hate greens. From top to bottom: roasted peanuts, some greens, chopped long beans with some preserved vege, even more greens (leek if i'm not wrong) with chopped beancurds, and lastly, preserved turnips. See, it's full of greens!

Don't forget the broth made out of I don't even know what. But I believe they have minimal to no mint leaves like the usual version because I could barely taste it. I hate mint leaves!

In the Hakka world, there are many different kinds of Hakka too. Lei cha is a Hor Poh Hakka's dish. But let's just simplify it and say it's a Hakka dish :)

Also their dumplings/bazhangs are very good. They have a selection of dumplings, from the usual normal ones to unique choices like abalone. You can always request to pack frozen ones to keep it in your freezer. Best way to get your dumplings sorted during Dumpling Festival! They have bazhangs all year round so just in case you need a quick fix!

YE Traditional Dumplings
8G, Jalan Pandan Jaya 3/9
Pandan Jaya
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11am - 10pm
Sun & Public Holidays 9.30am - 10pm

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