Monday, February 8, 2016

Aux Petits Gourmands

Some beautiful desserts at Aux Petits Gourmands, Chamonix.

These pictures have been taken some time ago, not sure if the prices are still as shown.

So beautiful we ordered two of it to try.

Torche Aaux Marrons and Mont Blanc looks really similar actually but the one in this shop looks like this. Cute white looking snow ball.

Chocolate selections

 Foret Noire

Torche aux Marron

Vienna Coffee

Little Mont Blanc, so cute and creative!!

If you happen to be going up to Mont Blanc via Chamonix, you can stop by at this little village. There are quite a number of shops in this small village and some restaurants. I'm not sure what exactly is good, can't possibly try all shops in the area within a few hours. But this dessert place is somewhat colourful and interesting. Both desserts we ordered were quite good and not that sweet. One of the cutest item in store is the Little Mont Blanc chocolates! It's a brilliant idea to get a box of it as souvenirs!

Aux Petits Gourmands
168 Rue du Dr Paccard,
74400 Chamonix
Mont Blanc
+33 4 50 53 01 59

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