Wednesday, February 3, 2016

B & Best Restaurant

Fish cakes - RM5 per piece

Mixed Seafood Noodle (RM15)

Dry Lou Shu Fun

I asked for Mackerel (RM13) but they ran out of it. Asked what is similar to Mackerel he mumbled some name I can't remember what was that.

The fish the guy recommended, can't remember the name, and it costs RM20!

RM20 for about 6-7 small miserable pieces...

So small like 50 cents coin and so few pieces I can barely see it from the bowl... The RM20 bowl of noodle is absolutely not worth it at all. I know fish is expensive but really.... this place is overcharging! The kolomee is tasteless... Thank goodness for those crispy pork lard... I bet they forget to add something, it was just bland.

Don't even know what fish is that and it's only a coffee shop. Not only those noodles are tasteless, the soup is boring too, with only flavours of Preserved Pickled Chinese Cabbage (Tong Choy) and perhaps shitloads of MSG (we were really thirsty after). Just very salty soup with little to no seafood flavours in the soup.

I really didn't like it, having to pay high coffee shop prices for cheap coffee shop, and not even getting the value out of it. Although Yeng Kee in Taman Maluri may not be the best, but it is definitely way better than this one. I haven't been to Yeng Kee in a while, they might have upped their prices. Yeng Kee is not cheap either, but at least the broth is flavourful and the dry noodles are way, way tastier. For such price I'd rather dine at Yeng Kee. Expensive but worth the money. I don't think I'll be back to B & Best, I'll stick to Yeng Kee or any other recommendations.

The only thing we think which is great about B&Best is the chilli. 

B & Best Restaurant
12, Jalan SS 4c/5
Petaling Jaya
47301 Selangor

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