Sunday, February 7, 2016

GO Noodle House 有間麵館

They look like they have a lot of choices, but they don't. There are two types of Soup, the spicy or the original.. Just like KFC! The original soup has very strong Chinese rice wine flavours. So good!

Then you need to select the type of meat or seafood. After selecting your main ingredient, you can choose to Add On. There is a list of additional items to add to your existing noodle. Say, if you want both bursting meat ball and fish paste - it is possible to mix and match! Lastly, select your noodle type. I would definitely go for Mi Xian as I'm a fan. This may not be comparable to the ones in China but it is the closest I could find in KL.

My personal favourite is the fish paste and bursting meat ball. Literally bursting those pork balls into your mouth, so very juicy!

They are very generous is giving those balls. This is why they are always so packed. With a high turnover rate, you will not need to fret about their freshness. 

A standard portion of noodle with two pork selections cost less than RM20 - how not to love them?! If you hate coriander, better inform beforehand to have it removed. I personally love it so much I don't mind. I've also read it somewhere where you could add rice wine to the soup with an additional fee. I'm not too sure about that, maybe I could try it out one day. The original soup itself is very fragrant and has sufficient rice wine already.

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GO Noodle House 有間麵館
Available @ Jaya One & Publika
Petaling Jaya / Kuala Lumpur
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