Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Restoran Shun Fa

This place is very popular among locals around the area. One of those places where it's always packed during lunch hours.

Char siew. Not the extremely char-grilled type where you can spot black bits with the fats dripping out of the meat. Possibly because I asked for the not-so-fatty version. 

If you love chicken feet this is a must order!

A good meal for 5 with chicken and extras will be approximately RM70 or so. Will refillable soup as well. 

With an average of lesser than RM15. You can get a good meal for less than RM10 in the heart of KL. Not sure when will these prices last.. Sadly, prices have gone up over the last couple of months. At least, we know we still have hearty chicken rice eat in the city center. Maybe that is why this place is always packed. Please take note that the uncle who prepares the chicken and all may take a long time, once we waited for almost 30 minutes before the food came to us. You must be wondering why so long despite the food are already cooked. No point complaining because that is his style.... Slow and steady!

Restoran  Shun Fa
53-2, Jalan Barat
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 9.30am - 3pm
Closed on Sundays

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