Friday, February 12, 2016


In Phuket, there are more foreigners than locals! So here we are, in a local place recommended by a foreigner which appears to be more local than us. He's a white dude but he has been in Thailand for so many years that he could speak the language and he knows what is good! Not your regular white dude. Sea hag seems popular too, it was quite packed just shortly after we arrived.

So this place is very near Bangla Road in Patong. We walked to Bangla Road after dinner and it was only about 10 minutes or so?

The white dude ordered everything in Thai I could barely understand a single thing.

Typical Thai rice dishes, spicy fish, minced meat salad, chicken with thai peppercorn, som tam, beef curry. 

The choices were really good - dishes were so spicy I couldn't feel my tongue after. 

I hated the green peppercorn because it tasted funny. It's a typical Thai thing apparently but I just didn't like it. It has an acquired taste, so becareful if you're having that... Don't bite the pepper, it burns!

I did a quick search and it says that this restaurant is famous for gays. Now it explains the photos hanging on the wall of the restaurant. It's pictures of famous gay people. Interesting much! I would definitely recommend to go to this place in Phuket if you're in that area. Remember to request for less spicy if you're not a chilli person...

Seahag Phuket
78/5 Soi Mor Watthana Taweenwong Rd
Patong Beach
83150 Phuket
Seahag's Page

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