Thursday, March 17, 2016

After Black

After Black is located right in front of Sunway University. This stretch of shops are now full of cafes!! I remember those days back in Taylors, I used to drive all the way to Sunway (when Monash campus was not ready, they used to share the campus with Sunway). Come to think of it, it's almost a decade since! During my time, it was a luxury to walk into Starbucks, let alone any other cafes. Good to know that this area had developed so much since those days. I remember there were only 2-3 miserable shops outside Sunway.

The prices are reasonably cheap too - well that's how they can draw university crowd as students can't/won't pay for overly priced items. The affordable prices explains the crowd. It was packed before we arrived till we left. There are some other brunch items which I will definitely be back to try.

Some of the cake selections.

Here in After Black, most of the food are quite easy to prepare at home. This is their main idea - choosing comfort food as the main theme. It looks easy to prepare but kids today (not trying to say all of you, but quite a handful!) do not actually know how to cook! For those of you who can't cook / lazy to cook / being away from home and you need some comfort home cooked food, this is the place to be. To be very fair, I can't really cook either but I had to learn as I do not have the luxury to eat out everyday when I was studying back in Australia and UK.

The cafe is beautifully decorated, with Camera being the theme. 

Some of those old cameras hanging. According to the owner Matthew, the name of the cafe "After Black", literally meant after black. You know those days where negatives are developed in the dark before it becomes proper photographs? So you get the photographs "after black". 

The Rose Latte (RM11.90) is a must - apart from The Pantry at Bangsar, I would say this is equally as good! I barely tasted much of the coffee, more milk and rose flavours actually.

Very creamy Carbonara (RM6.90). Back to basics with cream, mushroom and cheese. Not the authentic Italian version, it's more like the improvised American version. For that price it's actually very cheap.

 Garlic & Herbs Roasted Chicken Whole Leg (RM16.90)

It is roasted perfectly with herbs, skin is slightly crispy, meat is so juicy. The potato salad was chilled beforehand, slightly cold which gives a very refreshing feeling! So good I could have the potato salad by itself. According to Matthew they have the Potato salad on its own too for those who wants to nibble!

 Cheese Baked Chicken & Mushroom (RM16.90)

I had no clue what was beneath the cheese but boy, the melted cheese itself is exciting!! Beneath is just chicken and mushrooms. Very simple, something you can prepare at home but probably not as good. Simple, yet satisfying.

After Black "Chilli Padi" seafood Aglio Olio (RM18.90)

Very generous portion of seafood - prawns, baby sqquis, two large mussels and your usual aglio olio ingredients with additional chilli padi. It is so spicy it really burns. Only one bite and I've decided to stop. Too spicy for me!

Special thanks to Matthew for hosting and KetchUp's team for organising the run.
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After Black
23, Jalan PJS 11/9
Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya
46150 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 11am - 11pm

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