Monday, March 28, 2016

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant

On my first attempt, Ichiriki left a very good impression. I liked their food, not particularly cheap but it tasted great so I was rather satisfied. They are famous for their Katsu dishes.

I've tried their Katsu for the first time and I loved it. I even recommended people to try their food. Which was why I went back again for the second time.... A year later.

We got the Groupon voucher for two different sets, so those were all paid for.

On top of that, we ordered some sake and green tea so it came to a different bill. 

The dispute started when the bill arrived. I was skeptical with the calculation so I made such a bad choice to ASK. 

There were many waiting staffs who were nice but they are unsure how it was being calculated (it was not the few cents I'm being calculative, I just want to know because from what I've manually calculated it didn't seem to match).

There was this one lady which looked like the manager, she attended to my question without actually answering me. She just pointed and said here. System calculates, just like that. Uh.... That does not answer how did you get the total amount?? She hurried through my question and ran off. I got very irritated because she was not even answering me and she walked off just like that. I signalled for her again and she got annoyed. She raised her voice and me and said it's correct (without answering me again). I understand that the store is busy, we just want to know the proper calculation and leave! I have to know what is this about before paying the bill isn't it? It's part of our rights!

The best part of the night - I asked her to get the manager over to do the explanation and she answered, "I AM THE MANAGER'S WIFE. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?". Seriously. What. The. How can you ever utter that to customers????? What kind of shitty service is this??????????????? I went out, straight up to the manager and told his about his wife's good deeds. All I wanted was to know how did you calculate, just tell me step-by-step that isn't that difficult but there was no answer at all. The man understood my question, went through quickly and apologised on his wife's behalf.

I can't absolutely find any reason to go back to this place. That MANAGER'S WIFE is absolutely appalling and my gosh, service is ridiculous they should not even charge the 10%. So there you go, no more Ichiriki and Miss Manager's Wife nonsense. I really pity the poor manager, not sure if he or she is the manager of the place.

However, overall food is pretty decent but I wouldn't really consider this place for Japanese food. I will also recommend the rest of you to opt for other Japanese places, there is another Japanese in the same shopping mall, Hokkaido Ichiba which is much better in terms of both food and service. 

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant
The Gardens
1st Floor Lot F327b
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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