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I've been here twice now for coffee and cakes. I've had one of the most unforgettable unique cake which I've been trying to order a few times but they don't have it. Hopefully some of the Gula Melaka Cotton Cheesecake will be available soon!!

They are the same people behind That Latte Place @ Ampang (and they moved to a new location now, which I have not been to). So the story behind the name Map's is simple, MAP from Mark and Priscilla. It was really cute and creative to know that the " apostrophe s " in Map's meant Priscilla's sister.

Some of the items in the menu.

You know what? This is the place to be for Pork Lovers!! Every dish they served us came with pork! Like 90% of the items in the menu has pork in it. I never actually realised that before, it would be complete if they serve Chinese style pork noodle! :D

Bacon Bruschetta (RM14)

Crystal bread is used as the base. Not the usual bruschetta where it's all vegetarian, they added bacon and cheese on it. 

Spicy Curry Pasta (RM17)

Curry pasta did not look appealing to me, but when I had a bite of it... Wow. The curry gravy is very thick, cooked with pulled pork and topped with bacon and curry flakes. It's just the same curry they use for dry curry chicken but they used pork instead of chicken. Most places in Malaysia which serves Malay style curry are usually Halal so no Pork Curry, Map's being one of those places serving pork instead. As for the spiciness, it is average unlike what the title says. It's a good thing, if it's too spicy it would be too difficult to finish too.

Piglet Loves Burger (RM19)

Burger bun is always the most challenging thing in Malaysia, so far no burger bun I've had in Malaysia is memorable. That one bun I love the most is from Shake Shack. It's one of the fluffiest bun I have ever eaten... And I wouldn't expect Malaysians to be able to do it, the Americans are too good at burgers.

Map's did a good job in their patties - this is one of those places where you can get pork burger. Still juicy even after leaving it for 30 minutes! Those wedges at the side are lightly roasted outside, soft inside. I just couldn't help taking one after another!!

Map's Porkballs (RM16)

The potatoes are available in the Pork Balls dish too. Their famous pork balls are made out of Premium Pork. Those days they used to source the pork and mince it themselves, but due to high demand they got their supplier to mince it in advance. 

The version presented to us was perfect and juicy. The pork balls are mixed with different kinds of herbs. It totally reminded me of Cumberland sausages the cousin used to buy back in the UK. I remember how she used to remove the skin and turn the sausage into a bowl of minced and prepare some pasta. For those who dislike herbs, this may not be the best choice for you. You can taste a very strong flavour of herbs and thyme is one of it. It is their signature and also the best selling dish.

Pesto Pasta with Pork Balls (RM17)

It is so popular that they even serve those balls with pasta. Pesto pasta is usually vegetarian, but look what are they trying to do... Trying to convert you vegetarians into meat eater!! Those bouncy and juicy balls served on the pasta is so tempting isn't it?!

Aglio Olio (RM17)

Another "normally it's a vegetarian dish", is served with bacon and pulled pork. I swear they are hiding all these meat beneath the noodles so you vegetarians will eat it without noticing!

BLT Sandwich (RM16)

Just your regular sandwich. No sandwich is complete without BACON.

Porky Pancakes (RM16)

You can't escape, Map's is an all-pork cafe... Pork bacon on pancakes, really?! It worked well, pancakes topped with roasted wedges, bacon and egg. All complete with syrup. I had the impression that it would be weird when I first had Duck & Waffle in London, but it is possible to mix sweet and savoury. It's a very unique taste, I would say this is my favourite among all dishes!
Special thanks to Priscilla for hosting and KetchUp's team for organising the run.
Click here to check out KetchUp's Page & KetchUp's Facebook Page for more information :)

P/S Priscilla: I'm still waiting for the cake :-) x

No. 9, Jalan PJS 11/2
Banday Sunway
Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor

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