Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ante Kitchen & Bar

Pumpkin Soup (RM14)

Soup is rather OK, not the creamy type where you get a hint of milk-thickness.

Pork Diane (RM42)

Pork is extremely tender, covered with creamy mushroom sauce.

Pork Ribs (RM48)

Their pork is really, incredibly tender (I hope it isn't from Meat Tenderiser!!). But really, it was so soft it falls off the bone! Only thing I've noted that the ribs are not chargrilled enough. Nevertheless I still love it, given the taste of it being so flavourful!

It's just no wonder Ante's queue is always so long. Their pork is so good!

1 Utama Shopping Mall
Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10pm
Ante on Facebook

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