Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chong Siew Lan Restaurant

Nestled in Serdang, Chong Siew Lan is famous for their "Wasabi Steamed Fish". Loads and loads of horseradish spiciness! It is honestly a very weird combination, topped with salted preserve Chinese pickles and coriander. Instead of your usual raw salmon sashimi this is served piping hot.

House Homemade Tofu

Steamed Salted Chicken

They serve a great selection of Hakka choices, which I find them considerably OK as for all the dishes we have ordered. 

It is pretty far to travel all the way to Serdang, plus most of the items are what I usually get to eat at home. All except for the odd Wasabi Fish, the selling point which almost every table will order one of it, is really an acquired taste. I personally didn't really like the combination but by looking at the popularity of the dish, others may love it.

Don't go during lunch hours, be there earlier to avoid the crowd. There are plenty of office workers that would travel to Serdang just to have lunch!

Chong Siew Lan Restaurant
No. 55 Jalan Besar
Serdang Lama
43300 Selangor
Opening Hours 
Mon-Sat 11am - 3pm
Chong Siew Lan on Facebook

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