Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hulu Langat 六古走地鸡

This is a hidden gem in Hulu Langat, I don't even know how to explain the road to this place. It's 3 minutes from the main street of Hulu Langat (Taman Titiwangsa of Hulu Langat) and we had to follow the signboards to this place. If I ever find out the GPS location I'll definitely update this post. It is inaccurate on Maps so don't even bother. However, there are signboards from the main entrance to Taman Titiwangsa, so it is not that difficult.

These are authentic free range kampung chicken which is so rare these days it is almost impossible to get it in town. Kampung chicken with no added hormones and they exercise, thus, their meat is tougher and way juicier and sweeter compared to any other chicken. When I had this earlier this year, it costs RM80 for one whole chicken. Not sure if the price is still the same, as it was RM80 before the implementation of GST.

They do not have a proper menu, just offering a few selections. Chicken with rice wine chicken is one of it. Boy, this has to be the best most homey Hakka Wong Chow  Kai (Yellow Rice Wine Chicken) ever that you can get out of your house. 

Apparently its a Hakka thing, which I'm not quite surprised as it's a common dish if you visit any  Hakka restaurants. Though, I'm still very curious if it really is. Being in a Hakka family and growing up with this dish, I think it is?

Chinese Poached Chicken / Pak Cham Kai.

Also, possible the best chicken I've had ever. I hate chicken skin, I would never lay that slimy, fatty disgusting piece of skin into my mouth. But I have to give this one a try - it's not like the usual. It's tough and I don't see that awful yellowish slimy layer below. There's nothing beneath the skin!!! The skin is crunchy... and it tastes nothing like the usual. This is possibly the only chicken skin I will ever accept in my life! About the meat... according to the party who attending, said this is the only type of chicken "with chicken taste". You can only decipher those words if you try it.

The Wild Boar Curry wasn't much of a thing though. The curry is very thick but just wasn't particularly flavourful. Maybe it was a little too thick leaving not much gravy.

Hulu Langat 六古走地鸡
Taman Titiwangsa,
Hulu Langat,
43100 Selangor
*You MUST call to reserve/order your food at least 3 hours before you arrive. This is not your usual restaurant where you sit and order. It's all homecooked food and I guarantee you'll love it!

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